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 Which Class is Best for My Dog & I?

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Watch the following videos and Jodi Kellar will explain the courses and classes for all levels of training,
obedience and agility and rally options for you and your dog.


Young Puppy Classes


Classes for puppies up to 1 year old including prerequisites needed for further training and obedience or sport classes.



Older Puppy and Dog Classes


Basic obedience class for dogs over 6 months old focusing on manners and basic impulse control for your young dog.



Specialty Classes


Continuing Training to strengthen the bond with advanced sports training, agility, tricks, dancing and more!


What is K9 Nose Work?image
• Great activity for all breeds and mixed breeds of dogs
• Can be helpful for reactive and fearful dogs as only one dog works at a time and all other dogs are safely in crates. In addition dogs learn that hunting is more rewarding than reacting.
• Teaches independence. Dogs do not have to look to us for answers. They have the answer, and we learn to read them. It is a great way for us to learn their language while building communication and confidence.
• We work inside initially but then search exterior spaces, vehicles, and containers.
• Lots of opportunity for competition, but that is definitely not required. This activity can be performed purely for the joy of working together with your dog, doing what they love best.
• No prior obedience training required.

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Thank you for choosing Kellar’s Canine Academy. We are proud to be a part of your learning & bonding journey with your canine partner.