What to Bring to Class

Items to bring to class:
  • Any training items you are using or have questions about should be brought to the 1st class.
  • 2-3 varieties of soft treats about one full zip lock bag of each, broken into pea sized pieces. I suggest boiled chicken, hot dogs, mozzarella cheese, or anything your dog LOVES that is soft & small. Freeze dried liver or salmon is sold in the stores & can be used as one of your treats (they are semi-soft & may need to be broken into smaller pieces).
  •  A favorite toy, 2 identical toys if possible.
  •  A mat or crate.
  •  A brush that you use on your dog at least once a week.
  •  A buckle or snap collar with ID information & a standard leash. If you’re using a training collar bring that also.
  •  Poop bags to clean up after your pup (being a responsible dog owner).
  •  Current vaccination record, registration form & payment (1st class only).
  •  Lots of patience & enthusiasm for learning with your dog!
  •  Please wear comfortable and appropriate shoes (sneakers are best) & clothes.NO open toed shoes are permitted in class.
  •  You may need to sit or kneel on the floor for some skills, so be prepared!
  •  No scarves, dangling jewelry, flowing clothing, etc. as they may interfere with your communication with your dog when they are learning a new cue & should be avoided.

Additional important info:

  • Please try not feed your dog at least 4 hours before class (unless medically necessary). We want the food reinforcers to be worth a lot to your dog when they are learning something new. Refraining from feeding directly before class will reduce the likelihood of accidents in class as well.
  • If you are concerned about your dog’s weight, cut down on the amount of food during the course & use low fat proteins as rewards (boiled chicken breasts).

Please provide adequate exercise for your dog. I suggest an hour of sustained exercise per day, such as two 30 minute walks, for the average dog.