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Note: Payment is the only way to reserve a spot. Registration alone does not secure a space and many of our classes fill before the first class.

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Online Payment Instructions: If you have already registered for class, but not yet paid, please click here to make a payment now.

Offline Registration and Payment Instructions: If you do not want to complete the online Registration form or pay online, you may print the registration form page and complete the form manually. Please mail the completed form along with payment to:

Kellars Canine Academy
128 Market Street
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663

Class cancellations due to weather: You will be notified via Email for any class cancellations. All classes will be pushed back a week when this cancelled. Please feel free to email any time for any reason.


Policies at Kellars Canine Academy
Required Paperwork: All people working with their dogs in the facility (rental, class, private session, etc.) must complete a liability waiver and registration form including the behavior questionnaire.
Absences & Cancelations:                                               
  1. Students cannot make up more than 1 class in any one series without permission from Jodi Kellar.
  2. Students must make arrangements for make ups with the individual trainer.
  3. We request that you inform us of an absence in advance to allow others a spot to make up. 
  4. Private Sessions canceled or postponed within 24 hours will be charged half of the private session fee (as the trainer’s time & the facility cannot be re-scheduled).
  5. Make-ups must be completed before the end of the current session (unless otherwise pre-arranged & authorized by Jodi Kellar).
  1. Full refunds (minus fees incurred by KCA) will be issued when requested in writing one week prior to the first class.
  2. Full refunds (minus  fees incurred by KCA) of all unused classes will be issued in cases where the dog is unable to complete the class or any other class with us for medical reasons. These requests MUST be in writing and accompanied by a note from the veterinarian.
  3. All refunds will be issued within 30 days of the properly completed written request. Refund requests must include the payee’s name, address, method and date of payment.
  4. A credit will be given after the first class will be as follows:
    • Within 24 hours of the first class, only the drop-in cost of that single class will be deducted from the credit.
    • More than 24 hours after the first class but before the second class we will issue a partial credit in the dollar amount of half of the original fees paid.  If you are able to find a replacement for your spot in class, a full refund for all unused classes (minus fees incurred by KCA) will be issued. At this point in the session, trainers have planned for your attendance in the complete set of classes.
    • Credits may be used with any dog the payee chooses; it does not have to be the same dog.
    • Please forward written requests or questions to Jodi Kellar at Jodi@
Potty Areas:  Please potty your dogs in the front of the building only. As a responsible pet owner, please pick up after your dog.
Parking Areas:  Please park in Ed’s Tavern Parking lot. Do not park at the dry cleaner. Please be respectful of the shared parking areas and do not leave garbage or dog waste or allow your dog to urinate on cars or other objects.
Aggressive Behavior:                                                                                 
  1. Aggressive behavior toward the trainers or staff will not be tolerated. Any such behavior will result in termination of your participation and forfeiture of you payments in full.
  2. Aggressive dog behavior is not acceptable in a class setting. If the trainer deems your dog’s  or your behavior to be aggressive, you will need to continue your training in private. All remaining funds, minus class(s) you have taken, will be credited toward private class.