Our Philosophy

Our techniques are based on the belief that dogs learn by earning what they like, such as food, praise, and play. Much of what we ask of dogs is simply communication, for example, dogs know how to lie down; we want to teach them to lie down when we give them a particular cue (verbal or hand movement).

Training can include teaching the dog self control, confidence, or how to navigate through a task properly (such as safely walking over an A-frame or jumping through a tire).

Our methods do not include causing discomfort or pain to any animal. Although others use these methods of pain avoidance, we have been very successful in building a trusting relationship between dogs and owners.

Dogs will perform behaviors to avoid pain (such as a shock collar or leash correction), but this can damage the trust a canine should have in humans and that trust is paramount.

Dedicated to Canine Companionship

Kellar’s Canine Academy proudly donates regularly to our local shelters START II, the Bergen County Animal Shelter, The Bergen-Ramapo Refuge, Inc., the Beagle Freedom Project,  the National Cancer Canine Foundation, as well as annually to the Humane Society of the United States, is a sponsor for the ASPCA Angels and offers a discount to animals adopted from animal shelters. We are dedicated to canine companionship and facilitating the human-canine bond and look forward to opportunities to help others in this endeavor. We look forward to participating in various activities to support nearby organizations that support animals needs.