Trials: Cynosport Rally (WCRL) & TDAA

World Rally Cynosport Limited (WRCL) Obedience Trials

KCA plans to offer 4-5 trials per year. Here is our general, tentative, annual calendar for trials is:

  • March or April (Heated)
  • June (Air Conditioned!)
  • October  (AC or heat)
  • December (Heated!)

2016 Dates:

*April 16-17 (Judge Diana Smith) Our Annual Awards Trial! Premium Posted! 

Note: WCRL trials after May need to move to Friday & Saturday: 
*June 18 & 19 (Judges Lynn Currie/Sandi VerSprill)
***August 2016 Tournament date TBD
(3 consecutive Thursdays) lots of special awards and prizes!
*October 1 & 2 (Judge Sara Jacobs)
*December 3 &4 (Judges Natalene Lamming/TBD) Toys for Pups DriveApril 17 & 18: Judge Diana Smith

No opening dates (open now!). Premiums can be downloaded at :

Rally Matches: Email with interest and we can set one up!

(Matches may also be scheduled the Friday preceding each event once approved.)


UKI Agility International


•Memorial Day Trial

•Labor Day Trial

•Saturday Trials pending for 2016!

Premiums at:

contact for more information

Teacup Dog Agility Association (TDAA):

Corgi Jumps


Doors opens at 2pm for this Saturday Series:

•Feb 20th: Judge Joyce Yaccarino
•Feb 27th: Judge Bo Yaremko

•March 19th: TBD

•May: TBD

•July: TBD

•Sept: TBD

•Nov.: TBD

Go to for the premiums or contact the chairperson & trial secretary, Anna at for more information.

Please join our mailing list or check back as we add more TDAA events!