Jodi Kellar-Jackson, M.A. , ABCDT-MT, CTDI, WCRL Judge, UKI Judge, AKC ACT, CGC & PetPartners Evaluator and Owner/ Lead Curriculum Director

Owner Jodi Kellar is an exceptional positive motivation trainer. Jodi holds a BA in Psychology and a MA in Education (graduating both Summa Cum Laude), where she extensively studied educational and behavioral theories and published three of her own studies. Following her Masters of the Arts Degree, she graduated from Animal Behavior College (ABC) becoming a Certified Dog Trainer and has mentored future trainers for ABC.
Jodi is a member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, a provisional member of the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors, a certified evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen & AKC STAR Puppy Programs, a Certified Trick Dog Instructor and a certified evaluator for the Pet Partner Therapy Team Program as well as a member of two teams for the Pet Partners program with her Beagles, Sweet Jellybean (retired) and Miss Maggie Moo, as well as BC Banana Split Sundae. They previously volunteered at Hackensack University Medical Center in the Angels on a Leash Program; they currently are the primary teams at the Bogota Public Library’s Project R.E.A.D. Finally, Jodi is a WCRL fully certified judge of all levels where she enjoys watching the bond between humans and their pups in the rally ring.

She is also a proud member of Canine Performance Events (CPE), Skyline Agility Club, Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Do More with Your Dog (where Maggie and Sundae have both earned advanced trick dog title), United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA), and competes regularly in WCRL (World Cynosport Rally Limited), AKC, USDAA and CPE agility events. Jodi received the Readers’ Choice Award by NYC ‘s City Tails Magazine & has been recognized by local media on several occasions (News channel 12, Good Morning America, T Record & The Bogota Bulletin). She has earned championships on four dogs in Cynosport (formerly APDT) Rally and four in CPE Agility and has trained hundreds of dogs who have excelled in obedience, agility, tricks and therapy skills.

  • C-ATE, C-ATCH5 Sweet Jellybean, earned all 14 championship and extraordinaire titles.
  • MACH, P-ADCH, C-ATE, C-ATCH10, ARCHMX3 Miss Maggie Moo earned Agility Team Championships (CPE- C-ATCH),  Agility Team Extraordinaire Champion (CPE’s C-ATE),  all 14 individual games championships and all 14 extraordinaire titles, USDAA’s P-ADCH (Performance Agility Dog Champion), Tournament Master Silver, Master Standard, Snooker, Jumpers, Relay Master Champion Titles, AKC’s MACH (Master Agility Champion) & Master FAST, T2B Titles and many more. Maggie has competed at three Westminster Master Agility events, two USDAA Nationals and many enjoyable CPE Nationals. Maggie is a three time Bronze Medalist in USDAA’s Biathlon. She is also a seasoned therapy dog and has received the Excellent Therapy Dog Title in AKC as well as her Tricks Dog Title. After earning three Master Rally titles and dozens of championships in Cynosport, Maggie enjoys the Veterans Class where she has earned her over a dozen championships. Maggie has also ranked in the top 20 for several years now. Maggie is am animal actor/model as well and can be seen on multiple Petsmart products, Iams, Lowe’s, Stain Master Carpet, Land’s End and other advertisements.
  • C-ATCH6, ARCHMX8 Banana Split Sundae has earned C-ATCH6 (CPE Champion) & all 7 individual games championships, AKC’s Master Standard, JWW & FAST Titles, USDAA’s Tournament Master Bronze Title, Master Gamblers Title and her P-MAD! Sundae has competed at AKC’s Westminster Master Agility event, three USDAA National and regional events, many fun CPE Nationals and has traveled internationally to learn the best techniques for her. Sundae is a gold medalist, placing 1st in three events at the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Showcase. In rally obedience, they have both earned many championships and Awards of Excellence at every level and Cynosport’s Master Rally Champion & have ranked  in the top 20 dogs every year since 2012 (Cynosport USA Rankings); Sundae was the #1 ARCHMX dog in the world, as well as the one of the overall top dogs in the USA! Sundae is now working toward ARCHMX9. In 2018, Sundae was the star of the National Purina’s 28 Day Challenge, watch the initial commercial here:
  • StellaDora has earned her fourth championship and award of excellence in Cynosport’s Level 1 rally; she was in the top 20 rally dogs for 2016! StellaDora has all of her AKC Novice titles, CPE Level 3 and will compete in her first national event in  soon. StellaDora has a few appearances in advertisements as well!
  • Jellybean’s OBX Marks the Spot joined the Kellar family in 2016. OBX has earned his Puppy STAR, Cynosport’s Award of Excellence and Championships in Levels Puppy and 1! OBX worked on the set of American Eagle in 2016. All pups loves to play as a team with Jodi!

Jodi believes in continuing education and was recently selected to become a One Mind Dog Instructor. She regularly attends workshops, webinars, seminars, as well as continues to learn through DVDs, training books, and even competing (competing is a learning experience too!). Some of the valuable workshops she has attended include presenters Timo & Tuulia Liuhto, Soshana Dos, Karen Holik, Mary Ellen Barry, Tracy Sklenar, Cynthia Hornor,  Julie Daniels, Jen Crank, Stacy Peardot-Goudy, Ken Ramirez, Karen Pryor’s Clicker Expos & many more. She has had the privilege of working with these gifted positive trainers in learning techniques for helping reactive/aggressive dogs, shaping and clicker training, rally obedience, basic, advanced & international agility techniques and skills and simply learning how to be a team with your dog.  Other than these hands on learning opportunities, Jodi’s training techniques and canine knowledge are influenced by her studies Dr. Ian Dunbar, Terry Ryan, Karen Pryor, Pat Miller, Emma Parsons, Kathy Sdao, Susan Salo, Arlene Spooner, Jean Donaldson, Peg Munves, Kyra Sundance, Stacy Peardot-Goudy, Sylvia Trkman, Kathleen Desvigne and many others. Lifelong learning is the key to success!

Kathleen Desvigne, Agility Instructor

Instructor KathleenKathleen, a native of NYC, began agility with Long Island Agility 1999 as a fun way to exercise the mind and body of her dog at that time, a large Rottweiler named Med.Knight. It didn’t take long for both of them to fall in love with the sport and the special communicative relationship that it fosters for dog and handler.

After Med.Knight, Kathleen went on to new achievements competing with her Golden Retriever, ADCH Platinum, LAA Platinum, Player. Player was a three time USDAA National Performance finalist.. Finishing on podium twice , and winning the Veterans All All Around Championship in her final year of competition. During Players final National, Kathleen introduced her young border collie, Vivian! to the team event. It was the beginning of another special relationship and a new legacy of achievements.

Kathleen and Vivian! are 3 time members of team USA At the European Open and a Two time Steeplechase finalist at the Cynosport World Games. Vivian! who is pretty small for a large dog (approx. 17.5 inches tall, weighing about 28 lbs) , but she has a big heart, a remarkable work ethic, and was born to run!

Kathleen and Vivian! represented the USA at the FCI World Championships in October.

Through it all Kathleen remains a student of the sport, and makes it her job to stay abreast of new training and handling techniques. She also recognizes the importance of being flexible and innovative in her approach to teaching.. She regards each dog as an individual, and each dog handler/team as unique. From this point of view, she brings forth the best training program she can muster for her own dogs as well as for you and yours.

Liana Marie, Basic/Pet Obedience, Obedience, Wellness, Tricks & Agility Instructor

Liana Marley Marie has her MA in Dance Movement Therapy, Drama Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. Her therapy dog, Tyra Barks, often accompanied her while she worked as an Expressive Arts Therapist. Liana has had a lifelong passion for dogs and always considered a career in Animal Behavior. In her pursuit to work with dogs, Liana Marley eventually left her job as a therapist and expanded her canine family.When Liana Marley discovered the sport of dog agility, it seemed like a natural complement to her love of movement and dogs. She signed up all her dogs to start training in classes. Liana is passionate about her dog, training and learning. She spends hours each week perfecting her handling skills and training and working all her dogs in multiple activities. Her experience with training multiple dogs has quickly advanced her through the sport of agility. All of her adult dogs have earned titles from multiple venues and multiple sports. Her dogs have also modelled for several companies including Kate Spade, PetSmart and Martha Stewart. Liana Marley and her dogs are involved in Agility, Freestyle, Barn Hunt, Nose Work, Parkour, Doga, Show Handling and Professional Modeling.

Liana Marley uses positive training methods in her classes. She stresses the importance body awareness and core strength building. She also works with students to help create independent obstacle performance. For Liana Marley, training is a part of everyday life. This is something she tries to help her students to understand so that they too can incorporate training into everyday life with their own dogs. Having fun with her dogs and enjoying them fully is her passion. Helping her students do the same is what she strives for.

Deb Stevenson, Agility Instructor

Deb Stevenson started in agility in 2004 with a rescued Doberman Pinscher. Deb competes in AKC, UKI and USDAA agility and has earned championships in all three venues with a wide variety of partners. Her other past agility partners include a couple of MACH (AKC Agility Champion) French Bulldogs.

Deb’s current agility partners (who are a little “pointier”) are a pair of super fast and sometimes naughty Rat Terriers. Remus, the older, is a USDAA and UKI agility champion who’s been on the podium a few times at regional events. The younger, Ferris, has a two Master Agility Championships in AKC, as well as his USDAA Championship. Both dogs have been in USDAA Top Ten the past few years.

Deb’s experience working with a variety of dogs with very different attitudes, builds and challenges has taught her to focus on each team’s unique partnership and how to help them be their best, whatever their personal goals may be. A former corporate trainer, Deb loves to combine her experience teaching adults with her passion for the sport of agility and training dogs. She believes that agility is so addictive because it is equally fun for handlers and dogs, and tries to incorporate that fun and joy into her training.

Deb is open to all types of handling, but does a lot of distance work with her own dogs and appreciates OneMind’s methods for getting and staying ahead on course.

Marsha Dominguez, CNWI, K9 Nosework Instructor


Marsha Dominguez is a certified instructor through  the NACSW program.  Marsha has been involved with dogs since 1993 when she got her first Portuguese Water Dog, Jasmine.  Jasmine was shown to her championship, competed in Obedience, Agility, Water Work, and Therapy Work;  as was her 2nd dog, Primo, National Specialty Winners Dog.  Chairperson of the Nutmeg Portuguese Water Dog Club’s Water Committee for many years she organized the Water Program for that club.  She has been teaching and helping individuals and families improve their relationships with their dogs for 15 years.  She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and a long time member of Hudson Valley’s Visiting Pet Program.
Marsha worked as an ABA therapist providing individualized instruction to children on the autism spectrum, as well as conducted workshops for children in the New Jersey Child Assault Prevention Program in Bergen County.  She has a Masters Degree from Hofstra University in Education.  She has learned from such trainers as Suzanne Clothier, Sue Sternberg,  Pia Silvani, Turid Rugaas, Carolyn Wilki, Ted Turner, Pam Dennison, Susan Garrett, Jean Donaldson.  She has taught dogs Nosework skills at K9HighPoint in Middletown, NY and at Port Chester Obedience Training Club, in White Plains, NY.  She loves doing Nosework with Brie, her 6 year old Portuguese Water Dog who has a NW 1 title winning 2nd Overall.

Jenna Lee Gallicchio, Basic/Pet obedience Instructor

Jenna is a certified pet dog trainer and tricks dog instructor. She competes and trains with her two dogs Rider and Emmy. She also serves as a foster home for dogs in need and shows her dedication to lifelong learning through continually attending workshops and seminars. Students love working with Jenna!

Nicole Levien, Agility Instructor

Nicole has been training with Jodi since 2012. She is a KPA graduate & WCRL Level 1 Judge and trains her dogs in agility and tricks. PuppaMonkey earned his ARCHMX in 2016 and his C-ATCH in 2017. Her younger pup Caymus is a working to his potential as well.  She has several years of experience in equestrian training in the past.